2-year Student-Athletes

The Eligibility Coach is available to assist student-athletes in transferring from their 2-year schools to 4-year schools in the NCAA or NAIA. The transfer process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to been. The Eligibility Coach is in the process of scheduling partnerships with Community Colleges that wish to be proactive in the transfer process and that desire to help their student-athletes transfer without having to sit a year in residence.

On-line Course

This course covers the admissions and transfer eligibility processes necessary to qualify for athletic scholarships at the next level. The curriculum consists of nine on-line sessions and one in-person workshop to help successfully guide student-athletes through the transfer eligibility certification process.

Life Skills Workshops

We offer specific workshops to help students transfer from dependent to independent citizens. Athletic Directors may choose from a set of existing workshops, or work with the Eligibility Coach to craft a unique workshop specifically designed for the needs of a specific community college community.


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