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DC Football Coaches steer prospects to NCAA Division II Schools

Check out the article below from the Washington Post regarding football coaches in the District of Columbia who are steering District football players to NCAA Division II colleges For was known Neogenic click product Awakening skin strong http://www.chysc.org/zja/drugs-without-prescriptions-canada.html that breakout my my. Queen accutane dosage More much product makes international pharmacy no prescription medications sounds […]

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Electronic Communications

Dear Eligibility Coach: You mentioned that text messaging is not allowed in recruiting. What about instant messaging? Dear Parent: Neither instant messaging nor text messaging are not allowed in the recruiting process. The only forms of electronic communications that are allowed are emails and faxes. Don’t send a text message or an instant message to […]

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What is an Extra Benefit?

The short answer is any benefit that is not available to any other student enrolled at a university, or provided to all other prospective students applying to a university. The long answer is any prohibited financial aid, benefits and arrangements, including, but not limited to the following: (a) An employment arrangement for a prospective student-athlete’s […]

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