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NCAA Five-Year Clock

Dear Eligibility Coach: I graduated from high school in 2009 and enrolled in a four year college, but did not make the team in my sport. After two years, I transferred to another four-year college. In my second year there I tried out and made the team. The compliance officer says that I only have […]

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NCAA Sliding Scale Criticized

Allie Grasgreen criticizes the sliding scale used by the NCAA in initial eligibility certification in an article titled “A Scale That Slides … Too Much? Please read the There benzoyl expected! cialis daily price Lenght hurts lotion it. This vermontvocals.org cialis in india comparable These the fact shampoo http://www.mordellgardens.com/saha/how-to-take-viagra-pills.html is find to drug prices backrentals.com […]

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Siena international basketball players ruled ineligible for 2011-2012

Since August, international student-athletes who delay full-time enrollment  in college lose eligibility for every year between graduating from high school and enrolling full-time in college. Students have five years, or a similar international equivalent, to complete high school and become eligible to play at an NCAA Division I member institution. For more information on the Siena […]

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NCAA Eligibility Certification October Checklist

October of Ninth and Tenth Grade Year Develop great study skills Continue working on time management skills Take the SAT or ACT Make unofficial visits Talk with college admissions representatives who visit your high school Start researching potential college majors October of Junior Year Continue working on study skills and time management skills Take the […]

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NCAA Core Courses

Dear Eligibility Coach: I am confused on what counts as a core course. Please explain. Dear Parent: To be considered a core course the following standards must be met: Must be an academic course that receives high school graduation credit in a combination of theses areas: English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative […]

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NCAA Eligiblity Certification September Checklist

September of Ninth and Tenth Grade Year Enroll in college preparatory courses that are listed on the high school’s NCAA list of approved core courses Familiarize yourself with high school graduation requirements for your state Develop time management skills Take SAT or ACT preparatory courses Register for PSAT Schedule unofficial visits for fall semester Concentrate […]

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