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Post-Graduation Checklist

Congratulations to all of the high school graduates! If you intend to enroll in a four-year college or university and participate in collegiate athletics next year, there are some additional steps you need to complete in order to be able to receive NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Certification and your Athletic Scholarship. Send your final high […]

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Competition and Scholarship Opportunities in College Tennis

There are approximately 1,100 colleges and universities that sponsor the sport of women’s tennis, including 316 schools in NCAA Division I, 211 schools in NCAA Division II, and 64 junior colleges. In men’s tennis, there are over 950 collegiate programs. Tennis scholarships are not just awarded at NCAA schools as there are 102 NAIA schools […]

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What is a Matriculation Letter?

Dear Eligibility Coach: The NCAA Eligibility Center is asking us for a matriculation letter. What is that and where do we get it from? Dear Parent: A matriculation letter is issued by either the admissions office, or registrar’s office, of the university that your son or Stick recommended, it http://www.irishwishes.com/viagra-100-mg/ clear works powder really generic […]

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Remember to request Final Amateurism Certification

When student-athletes register with the NCAA Eligibility Center they enter information regarding competitions other than competitions for a high school. Beginning April 1 each year, student-athletes must go back into their on-line account and request final amateurism certification. If you have participated in any additional competitions since you registered, this is the time to provide […]

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