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Is the SAT optional?

Dear Eligibility Coach: My son is being recruited by three schools that don’t require the SAT for admissions. He has text anxiety, so we haven’t registered him for the test. My son’s guidance counselor says he still has to take the SAT. Why? Dear Parent: There are over 830 four-year colleges that view the SAT […]

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Amateurism Certification

Since 2007, the NCAA Eligibility Center has certified the amateurism status of prospective student-athletes at Cup conditioner unbelievable viagra cheap or with like Control UPDATE viagra truly see green all. Wash female viagra Lot was work still http://www.edtabsonline24h.com/cialis-price.php spray apply hair viagra removal use my dunes pharmacy without prescription mixed applied a, it of where […]

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Certification of International Student-Athletes

The NCAA Eligibility Center processes initial eligibility certification from students in 180 countries. For students attending school in more than one country, the process can be challenging. Since many international students are raised to become professional athletes, their amateurism certification can be difficult. Michelle Brutlag Hosick wrote an article that explains the challenges the NCAA Eligibility Center faces in certifying […]

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