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Financial Aid for International Student-Athletes

Dear Eligibility Coach: What type of aid is available for international student-athletes who want to come to attend university in the US? Dear Prospect/Parent: International student-athletes are eligible for scholarships, athletic and academic. Since they do not pay taxes to the United States Government, they are not eligible for many types of federal assistance. What […]

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Introducing The Athletic Scholarship Eligibility Coach: A How-To Guide for the Eligibility Certification Game

Knowing that one simple mistake can turn a scholarship celebration in to  frantic search for $15,000 – $60,000 to finance the first year of college, The Eligibility Coach has used two decades of experience in intercollegiate athletics to develop a guide to help parents find solace throughout the athletic scholarship journey. The Athletic Scholarship Eligibility […]

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NCAA Eligibility Certification October Checklist

October of Ninth and Tenth Grade Year Develop great study skills Continue working on time management skills Take the SAT or ACT Make unofficial visits Talk with college admissions representatives who visit your high school Start researching potential college majors October of Junior Year Continue working on study skills and time management skills Take the […]

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NCAA Eligiblity Certification September Checklist

September of Ninth and Tenth Grade Year Enroll in college preparatory courses that are listed on the high school’s NCAA list of approved core courses Familiarize yourself with high school graduation requirements for your state Develop time management skills Take SAT or ACT preparatory courses Register for PSAT Schedule unofficial visits for fall semester Concentrate […]

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Pass/Fail Courses not for Student-Athletes

While general students may benefit from taking some courses on a pass/fail basis, for student-athletes these courses should be avoided. When a prospective student-athlete completes a course that awards grades on a pass/fail basis, the NCAA Eligibility Center awards the lowest possible passing grade for the course. In most instances that equates to the grade […]

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