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July 2018 will be the first opportunity for students to take the ACT in the summer. This test date will allow student to take advantage of their summer schedule to prepare for the test without the distractions of school activities and tests. Registration deadline is June 15, 2018 with late registration deadline June 22, 2018. […]

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Transferring from NCAA to NAIA

Dear Eligibility Coach: I was at a DII school for three semesters. I just left the DII school fall 2016, but I found out I was on academic suspension. This past semester I transferred to a DIII school for football for spring semester. I did very good in class, but I haven’t  played a season in three years and I’ve been going part-time to save a year. I’m transferring […]

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NCAA and NAIA Amateurism Certification

Each year there are approximately 100,000 prospective student-athletes who are placed on Institutional Request Lists by NCAA Division I and II institutions. This starts the process of amateurism certification for NCAA athletic competition. Most prospects are processed with no issues. However, there are approximately one percent of the prospects who receive an amateurism condition. Of […]

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Post-Graduation Checklist

Congratulations to all of the high school graduates! If you intend to enroll in a four-year college or university and participate in collegiate athletics next year, there are some additional steps you need to complete in order to be able to receive NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Certification and your Athletic Scholarship. Send your final high […]

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Competition and Scholarship Opportunities in College Tennis

There are approximately 1,100 colleges and universities that sponsor the sport of women’s tennis, including 316 schools in NCAA Division I, 211 schools in NCAA Division II, and 64 junior colleges. In men’s tennis, there are over 950 collegiate programs. Tennis scholarships are not just awarded at NCAA schools as there are 102 NAIA schools […]

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Eligibility Coach Blog Radio Show Premieres with NAIA Eligibility Center Executive Director

The Eligibility Coach blog radio show premieres Tuesday night at 7:30 pm EDT. The guest will be John Leavens, Executive Vice President and Executive Director of the NAIA Eligibility Center. Leavens manages the daily operations of the NAIA Eligibility Center. He leads a team charged with determining the initial eligibility of all first-time student-athletes. Leavens […]

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