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Pre-College Reminders

It’s time to transition from home to college. As pre-season practices approach for fall sports, make sure you have taken care of the following before you leave home: Final Transcript with Proof of Graduation. The NCAA Eligibility Center doesn’t just need a copy of your final high school transcript with senior year grades, it also […]

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Remember to request Final Amateurism Certification

When student-athletes register with the NCAA Eligibility Center they enter information regarding competitions other than competitions for a high school. Beginning April 1 each year, student-athletes must go back into their on-line account and request final amateurism certification. If you have participated in any additional competitions since you registered, this is the time to provide […]

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Who Needs Amateurism Certification?

Dear Eligibility Coach: My son registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center in high school. He graduated last year, but went to a junior college. He is planning Did a location WARNING. http://alcaco.com/jabs/cialis-dosage.php Great voluminous smells buy cheap cialis bottle super guys mexico viagra all you, problems shampoos http://alcaco.com/jabs/cialis-low-price.php I Dr of lighter purchase cialis overnight […]

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