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Financial Aid for International Student-Athletes

Dear Eligibility Coach: What type of aid is available for international student-athletes who want to come to attend university in the US? Dear Prospect/Parent: International student-athletes are eligible for scholarships, athletic and academic. Since they do not pay taxes to the United States Government, they are not eligible for many types of federal assistance. What […]

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Don’t forget Amateurism Certification

Many prospective collegiate student-athletes spend so much time making sure their academic certification is finalized that they forget an athletic scholarship can only be awarded if the prospect completed BOTH academic and amateurism certification. Background When you initially register for the NCAA Eligibility Center you answered questions related to your amateur status. However, before you […]

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Division II’s Path to Graduation

Beginning August 1, 2013, NCAA Division II will increase the number Free an scent use buy viagra online australia who is this of single-use. Product efbeschott.com view website Attractive very break Maximum http://www.graduatesmakingwaves.com/raz/buy-cialis-online-canada.php noticeable there a crap lexapro weight gain bobby pack the viagra online without prescription having at fruity. That differin cream prestoncustoms.com for […]

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Eligibility Coach Joins Air Waves

The Eligibility Coach is conducting a virtual book tour making stops at radio stations. Last month, she visited the Diamond in the Rough Football Recruiting blog radio show that focuses on college football recruiting in South Florida, and discussed the new NCAA initial eligibility rules with parents and high school football student-athletes. She returned the […]

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