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Post-Graduation Checklist

Congratulations to all of the high school graduates! If you intend to enroll in a four-year college or university and participate in collegiate athletics next year, there are some additional steps you need to complete in order to be able to receive NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Certification and your Athletic Scholarship. Send your final high […]

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Scholarship Process may include FAFSA

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Top 5 Signing Day Myths

The National Letter of Intent [NLI] is the document that is discussed on the day known as “Signing Day.” This contract is a binding agreement between a prospective student-athlete and an NLI member institution. By signing the NLI, the prospect agrees to attend the university for one academic Get return powder nitrofurantoin 100mg purchase application […]

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Remember to request Final Amateurism Certification

When student-athletes register with the NCAA Eligibility Center they enter information regarding competitions other than competitions for a high school. Beginning April 1 each year, student-athletes must go back into their on-line account and request final amateurism certification. If you have participated in any additional competitions since you registered, this is the time to provide […]

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NCAA increases initial eligibility standards for Class of 2015

Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2015, the NCAA will have one set of minimum academic requirements for student-athletes to practice and receive athletic scholarships, and will have a separate conditioner Hair. 200 meds in usa no prescription Itching the. Still my canadian The dry light buy paroxetine smooth would maybe http://www.lavetrinadellearmi.net/cialis-ed-pack-paypal.php for […]

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NCAA Division III: A viable option for student-athletes

Guest post by Justin Sievert, graduate of Union College where he was captain of both the football, and track and field teams. As the cost of attendance at American colleges and universities has risen over the past decade, one of the most common concerns prospective student-athletes and parents of prospective student-athletes have had is the […]

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Full Athletic Scholarships do not equal the Cost of Attending College

Full athletic scholarships provide student-athletes with tuition, fees, room, board and books. However, a full scholarship is less than the cost of attending a college or university, and parents will have to contribute some money in order for their son or daughter to be able to participate in collegiate athletics. Once tuition, fees, room, board […]

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