The Eligibility Coach is available to speak with parent groups, booster clubs, youth teams, high school coaches, athletic directors and guidance counselors on how to successfully compete in the Eligibility Certification Game. Because they have additional eligibility rules, customized presentation have been designed for the sports of:

 Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey, and Tennis.

The Eligibility Coach speaks regarding the A, B, C’s of Athletic $cholarship Eligibility. The messages are targeted for these specific audiences:

Parents/Booster Clubs

Want to turn athletic ability into funds to finance a college education?

The Student-athlete’s family must lead the Athletic Eligibility Search and the Eligibility Coach explains the 3 different processes that must be completed in order to qualify to receive a College Athletic $cholarship. Eligibility Coach also explains the top 5 mistakes made during the Eligibility Certification Game and shows you how to avoid them.


High School Coaches, Athletic Directors and Guidance Counselors

Helping the next college student-athlete get into the game.

Seeking help understanding the NCAA and NAIA rules required for your students to qualify for a College Athletic $cholarship? The Eligibility Coach walks you through the steps you must understand in order to assist the student-athlete and his family to win the Eligibility Certification Game and win a college athletic scholarship.


High School Student-Athletes

Want to continue playing the sport you love in college?

Requirements for graduation, college admissions, and eligibility certification explained so that the high school student can understand how to follow the rules and how to successfully complete the Eligibility Certification Game.


Junior College Transfer Student-Athletes

Interested in competing for a four-year school after receiving your AA or AS?

Requirements for junior college transfer student-athletes have increased and  if you don’t understand how these changes effect your ability to ear a College Athletic $cholars0ihp to a four-year school your playing career may end prematurely.

The Eligibility Coach breaks down the NCAA and NAIA requirements so you will understand how to start developing your own Transfer Game Plan and Earn a $cholarship to a four-year school.


Junior College Coaches, Athletic Directors and Academic Advisors

Guiding your Student-Athletes through a Smooth Transition from a two-year to a four-year school.

Want to help guide your student-athletes to the next level? Eligibility Coach walks you through the steps that junior college student-athlete’s must complete in order to be eligible to transfer successfully to NCAA or NAIA four-year schools and be eligible to compete immediately. These workshops are available year-round.

Eligibility Coach also teaches an on-line Life Skills Course designed especially for community college students who desire to compete at the next level. This course includes an on-campus transcript workshop and is available fall, spring or summer terms.



Eligibility Coach can always write a presentation specifically designed for your audience. It will educate and enlighten based on your specifications.


Speaking Fees

The Eligibility Coach is happy to work within your budget and customize a presentation to delight your audience and inspire their success. Content is shared by teleseminar, webinar, and workshop format.

To engage the Eligibility Coach to speak at your meeting or function, send an email to mjones@eligibilitycoach.com, or call 919-408-7431.


Pro Bono Speaking Requests

A limited number of pro bono speaking engagements are available each year. You are encouraged to inquire early as these spaces fill quickly.



“As some of our players were starting to get noticed by Major A Junior and collegiate teams, the parents of the Jr. Carolina Hurricanes AAA Ice Hockey teams realized that we did not know how to maneuver through this maze. I had heard of Marlynn Jones’ NCAA background and knowledge, and I asked her to come and speak to our organization. The presentation was very educational and focused on our sport of Ice Hockey (not a general presentation). I left the presentation with knowledge of how to protect my son’s NCAA eligibility and get him certified, how to move through the NCAA system, and where to go to get my questions answered. The information was invaluable.”

Tammy McCrae-Coley, Junior Carolina Hurricanes AAA Ice Hockey Parent


“The Eligibility Coach was instrumental in helping us navigate through the complexities of ensuring our son meet the NCAA Ice Hockey eligibility requirements. Our situation required advanced planning and we got Marlynn involved early to ensure we had the best opportunity for a positive outcome. Marlynn did a detailed transcript review in order to provide assistance with selecting core courses to meet the eligibility requirements as well as made recommendations on which classes to retake to improve grades. She also provided guidance on the selection of Advance Placement classes as a strategy to improve our son’s GPA. She also had the added complication of piecing together two transcripts to ensure nothing was missed, as our son changed high schools before his senior year. Marlynn provided us a valuable service and we felt we got the value we paid for. If your child is going to pursue college athletics it is well worth the money to get Marlynn involved and we recommend doing it early because of the complexities and multiple steps to the process.”

Ken & Laura Kirkham,Junior Carolina Hurricanes AAA Junior Ice Hockey Parents


“The information in the Eligibility Coach’s presentation covering the do’s and don’ts of NCAA eligibility is well worth it! Knowing the important dates of when you can and can’t speak with college coaches, when a college visit is “official” and when it is not is crucial. The language and terminology used in the NCAA documentation are difficult to follow; it was priceless to have an insider break it all down for us.”

Brian King, Junior Carolina Hurricanes AAA Ice Hockey Parent


The Eligibility Coach is an awesome resource for student-athletes, their families, and community stakeholders. The information she shares is up-to-date and she encourages students to take ownership and be proactive about their opportunities to participate in collegiate athletics. A much-needed resource!”

Roberta Hadley & Travis Wells, Co-directors, Operations Eligibility, Communities in Schools of Wake County, NC


“Ms. Jones taught me about all the classes I need to get into college. Now I am going to take those classes sophomore and junior years.”

Adrian A., Operation Eligibility Participant, Wake County, NC Public School System


“The information Ms. Jones shared benefitted me because it made me look into what college I really want to go to. She also encouraged me to try harder in school so that I can go to the school of my choice.”

Kameron S., Operation Eligibility Participant, Wake County, NC Public School System


“I think Ms. Jones did a good job presenting things you can do to reach your goals. She did a great job presenting statistics about what you need to get into college. I really appreciate her visit.”

Kevin P., Operation Eligibility Participant, Wake County, NC Public School System





The Eligibility Coach is currently scheduling speaking engagements for the 2017-2018 academic year. Call 919-408-7431 to schedule your event today!






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