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Are you Ready to Cross the Academic Finish Line?

High school seniors, Class of 2016, will be certified using a different eligibility certification system than has been used in the past. The main difference in this new process is the progression requirement for prospects to be eligible to compete in their freshman year of college at NCAA Division I schools. Specifically prospects must: Complete […]

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End of Academic Year Reminders

As the end of the academic year approaches, prospects must be diligent in staying on top of the Eligibility Certification Process. Please note some of the keys steps you must complete to have a successful outcome in the Eligibility Certification Game. SENIORS/CLASS OF 2015 Request Final Amateurism Certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center Even though […]

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Who is a Transfer Student?

The Eligibility Coach gets a lot of questions about transferring to and from colleges and universities in various sports. That is to be expected as approximately one-third of all college students transfer institutions before graduation according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. To determine if transfer rules apply to your situation, you need to understand […]

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More Recruiting Definitions — Recruiting Periods

Contact: any face-to-face encounter between a prospect or the prospect’s relatives and an institutional staff member or representative of athletic interests where any dialog in excess of an exchange of greetings occurs.   Contact Period: During this time, a college coach may have in-person contact with prospects and/or their parents on or off the college’s […]

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Recruiting Definitions

In order to understand the recruiting process, you must understand when a student becomes a prospect and the rules regarding telephone calls. PROSPECT: Many parents think that there child must be actively recruited by a lot of schools in order to be considered a prospect. That is not true. The only thing you have to […]

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NCAA and NAIA Amateurism Certification

Each year there are approximately 100,000 prospective student-athletes who are placed on Institutional Request Lists by NCAA Division I and II institutions. This starts the process of amateurism certification for NCAA athletic competition. Most prospects are processed with no issues. However, there are approximately one percent of the prospects who receive an amateurism condition. Of […]

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