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NCAA Updates Transfer Rules

The NCAA is changing the way student-athletes transfer institutions beginning October 2018. No longer will student-athletes have to request permission from their current schools with the possibility of being told no or being restricted as to where they may transfer. The new process “notification of transfer” will allow student-athletes to inform their current school of […]

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July 2018 will be the first opportunity for students to take the ACT in the summer. This test date will allow student to take advantage of their summer schedule to prepare for the test without the distractions of school activities and tests. Registration deadline is June 15, 2018 with late registration deadline June 22, 2018. […]

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A prospective collegiate student-athlete CANNOT be certified to receive an athletic scholarship without a standardized test score. Students may choose to take either the SAT or the ACT. Prospects need to remember, before an NCAA university can invite you on an official visit (a visit where the university covers the costs) you must have either […]

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Transferring from NCAA to NAIA

Dear Eligibility Coach: I was at a DII school for three semesters. I just left the DII school fall 2016, but I found out I was on academic suspension. This past semester I transferred to a DIII school for football for spring semester. I did very good in class, but I haven’t  played a season in three years and I’ve been going part-time to save a year. I’m transferring […]

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