Eligibility Coach: Tip of the Month — Standardized Test Scores SAT or ACT

Although many colleges and universities that do not require a standardized test sore for admission, the NCAA and the NAIA require a standardized test score for Eligibility Certification. Therefore, if you desire to compete in a sport in college, you must take either the SAT, ACT or both.

When you take the SAT or ACT, you will be provided with a limited number of free score reports. It is best to list both the NCAA Eligibility Center, using Code 9999, and the NAIA Eligibility Center, using Code 9876, when you take each test. That way, each score report will be provided to the Eligibility Centers that must certify you before you can able to obtain a college athletics scholarship. Remember, neither Eligibility Center will accept a standardized test score from you high school transcript for certification purposes.

You may take the SAT and ACT an unlimited number of times so it is in your best interest to start taking the test early in your high school academic career and to test often. That way you can become familiar with the test and can overcome any test anxiety by becoming familiar with the test.


Your ACT test score may not look familiar to you when you view the NCAA sliding scale. The NCAA adds the sum score of each section of the ACT (English, math, reading, and science) to determine your NCAA sum score.


If you took the SAT prior to March 2016, and have taken a SAT since that date, your old and new scores cannot be combined to create a superscore. That is because the SAT was redesigned in 2016 and tests different concepts than the previous SAT. The NCAA sliding scales were designed before the new SAT was created. Therefore, if you took the SAT prior to March 2016, you will need to use the College Board Concordance Table to know where your new test score falls on the NCAA sliding scale. You will find the Concordance Table at https://research.collegeboard.org/programs/sat/data/concordance .

Remaining National Testing Dates for 2017-2018

SAT Date                   Registration Deadline           Late Registration Deadline      

March 10, 2018           February 9, 2018                            February 20, 2018 (mail)

February 28, 2018 (on-line or phone)


May 5, 2018                 April 6, 2018                                    April 17, 2018 (mail)

April 25, 2018 (on-line or phone)

June 2, 2018                May 3, 2018                                     May 15, 2018 (mail)

May 23, 2018 (on-line or phone)


ACT Date                  Registration Deadline            Late Registration Deadline 

April 14, 2018             March 9, 2018                                  March 10-23, 2018

June 9, 2018               May 4, 2018                                      May 5-18, 2018

July 14, 2018               June 15, 2018                                   June 16-22, 2018



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