Time Management is key for Academic Redshirts

In the past, student-athletes who did not meet the old sliding scale were not eligible to practice or compete in their first year of college. This allowed them time to develop their academic skills and work on their grade-point average without the distraction of practicing with their teams. Some students successfully argued that not begin able to practice their sport created separation and distance from their new teammates. These students argued that not being able to practice created more stress that it relieved. Student-athletes lobbied for and won the ability to participate in practice activities in their first year of college. Now it is possible for student-athletes with a high school grade-point average between 2.0 and 2.29, and a corresponding SAT/ACT score on the sliding scale, to practice, but not compete the first year in college.

This means that time management is more important than ever. Student-athletes in general, but Academic Redshirts in particular, must develop excellent time management skills to be successful. Let’s look at the numbers:

Activity                                                       Minimum Time Required per Week

Attend Class                                                   15 hours

Study for Class                                               45 hours    3 hours for every class hour [3 X 15]

Practice Activities                                         20 hours

Additional Weight Training                          5 hours

Sleep                                                                 35 hours    5 hours per night  [5 X 7]

Total                                                                120 hours = 3 full time jobs

Use your campus resources and develop excellent time management skills immediately so you don’t fall behind. Best of luck this year!

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