Transferring from NCAA to NAIA

Dear Eligibility Coach:

I was at a DII school for three semesters. I just left the DII school fall 2016, but I found out I was on academic suspension. This past semester I transferred to a DIII school for football for spring semester. I did very good in class, but I haven’t  played a season in three years and I’ve been going part-time to save a year. I’m transferring to an NAIA school for this fall season. Will I be eligible to compete?

Dear Student:

The NCAA and the NAIA are two separate associations. The NAIA has its own set of eligibility rules and regulations. You need to contact the NAIA Eligibility Center to get information regarding your specific situation especially since you have semesters of full-time enrollment and part-time enrollment. Use this link to register with the NAIA Eligibility Center. .

Best of luck to you.

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