National Letter of Intent

It’s February and all eyes are watching to see where the top high school football prospects will sign to play for the next few years. If you are just a fan, this Signing Day is all fun and games. However, if you are a prospective student-athlete, or parent, you need to understand that the National Letter of Intent[NLI]  is a contract. It is legally-binding and should be read and understood BEFORE it is signed.

I prepared a video to help you understand the basics of the contract. Watch it here.

I also suggest that you read the provision of the NLI at If you have any university-specific questions, call the Compliance Office at the university that sent you the NLI and get your questions answered BEFORE you sign.

5 Key Points to Remember:

  • DO NOT sign before 7:00 am!
  • DO NOT forget to have a parent sign if you are under the age of 21!
  • DO NOT sign more than one NLI!
  • DO NOT take more than 7 days to return the NLI to the university that issued it to you!
  • DO NOT sign until you READ AND UNDERSTAND all of the provisions of the NLI!

Best of luck. Wishing you $cholarships.


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