An Open Letter to the Young Men that Signed Scholarships

Dear Recruit:
So it is the week after National Signing Day… You had a grand presentation at your school and maybe even made the local or national news because you joined a new journey. That was awesome…What now?

First, FINISH! Stay on top of your academics in this last semester because it will matter and despite what those around you may say your COLLEGE grades will matter too.

Second, stay FOCUSED! Many student-athletes had ONE future planned in February and found themselves scrambling to find another come July because of a mistake they made between the two. Also, offers get rescinded. Coaches get fired. Budgets change. Put yourself in the best position to weather ANY of those storms.

Third, realize that everybody that came with you may NOT be able to GO with you especially if you want to come back to help them. Some friendship will need to change others will have to change. And that’s ok because your real friends will understand your grind and help motivate you to be your best. Your best friends won’t put you in a position to lose your future.

Fourth, seek out advice from other former student-athletes that you trust. You are about to face what other men have met. Some have found success, others have found hard lessons… Learn the lessons. Don’t Repeat them.

Finally, freshman camp will NOT be like your recruiting visit. Come hungry and ready to eat or you will be eaten by those same people that fed you so well and lied when they told your Mom they loved her cooking. Recruiting is over. Work starts now. Freshman.

Signed –
A Former Student Athlete

Today’s post is written by Guest Blogger Joe D. Briggs.

Born and raised in Dundee, Florida, Joe Briggs was a scholarship athlete at Texas Christian University earning three varsity letters in football as a committed student leader on campus. After working in corporate America for a few years, Briggs transitioned into education as the Special Assistant to the President of Florida A&M University while also pursuing a master’s degree at the same institution as a State University System Fellow. Once he completed his master’s degree, Briggs decided to further his education goals once again at the Florida State University College of Law earning his Juris Doctorate in 2006.

Briggs was hired by the NFL Players Association to manage their Financial Programs Department. Currently, he is the Public Policy Counsel of the NFLPA and first individual to lead the NFLPA Government Relations Department. Briggs is also a professor at Georgetown University and often speaks on subjects ranging from politics to sports. Visit his blog at

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