NCAA Division II Partial Qualifiers

Dear Eligibility Coach:

I have a huge question and I was wondering what is a NCAA D2 partial qualifier and how do I know if I am eligible before I pay the NCAA?

Dear Student-Athlete:

To be a qualifier in NCAA Division II you must:

  • Graduate from high;
  • Complete 16 core courses as follows:
    • 3 years of English;
    • 2 years of math [Algebra I or higher];
    • 2 years of natural or physical science [including one year of lab science if offered by your high school];
    • 3 additional years of English, math or natural or physical science;
    • 2 years of social science
    • 4 years of additional core courses [from any category above, or foreign language, non-doctrinal religion or philosophy];
  • 2.0 grade-point average or higher in all core courses; and
  • SAT score of 820 or ACT sum scores of 68.

If you don’t not meet ALL of the academic requirements above, but have graduated from high school and meet ONE of the following then you will be considered a partial qualifier:

  • SAT score of 820 or ACT sum score of 68; OR
  • Completion of 16 core courses with a 2.0 grade-point average.

During the first year of college, NCAA Division II partial qualifiers may:

  • Practice with their athletic teams at home facilities;
  • Receive athletically related financial aid;
  • May compete for four seasons is eligibility is maintained from year-to-year.


As for second part of your questions, you won’t know if you are eligible before you pay the NCAA fee. The fee covers the NCAA Eligibility Center processing your certification paperwork. After the initial processing, if there is something that is missing, you will be contacted by email with a request for the information that is needed to finalize your certification decision.


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