End of Academic Year Reminders

As the end of the academic year approaches, prospects must be diligent in staying on top of the Eligibility Certification Process. Please note some of the keys steps you must complete to have a successful outcome in the Eligibility Certification Game.


Request Final Amateurism Certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center

Even though you answered amateurism questions when you originally registered with the Eligibility Center, if you do not go back into your account and request final amateurism, you will not be able to receive amateurism certification.

The NCAA Eligibility Center sends step-by-step instructions on how to finalize this process to each prospect who registers with the NCAA. Make sure to check the email address you used when you registered with the Eligibility Center initially for emails from the NCAA.

Final Transcripts

You must send the university that you will attend and the NCAA Eligibility Center final copies of your high school transcript. The university will want to see your second semester senior year grades, and the NCAA will want to see the exact date [day/month/year] of your high school graduation.

To be safe, request another copy of your final high school transcript and take that copy with you to campus when you arrive to begin freshman year.


Many universities REQUIRE your attendance an orientation before beginning classes. Make sure that you register for and attend this university program.


Make sure that you have finalized your housing paperwork to ensure that you will have a housing assignment for the academic year. Be clear on what items are NOT allowed in the dorm rooms or campus apartments and leave those items at home.


Make sure that you have completed the FAFSA for the 2015-2016 academic year. Many universities require ALL students to complete this form EVEN  IF receiving a scholarship.  Also understand that you may be chosen for verification and if your family cannot provide the requested documents, your scholarship may be delayed.


Core Courses

Check the number of cores courses you have completed. If you have completed fewer than 10 cores courses you will need to register for and attend summer school so that you will have completed 10 cores courses BEFORE you start your senior year in high school. Also, make sure that seven [7] of those 10 cores courses are in English, math and natural/physical science.

NCAA grade-point average

Before starting your senior year, your core course grade-point average must be 2.3. If your core courses grade-point average is less than 2.3 you will not be eligible to compete during your freshman year in college.


Core Courses

Get a copy of your official transcript and check the course names completed against the names on your high school’s list of approved core courses. If you see any discrepancies, meet with your high school’s NCAA Eligibility Center Liaison to correct the issue.

Make sure that the courses you are registered for in the fall are on the high school’s list of approved core courses as well.


If you compete in any summer competition, keep a record of the name of the organization you compete for, a team contact’s name, address and phone number, and all of your expenses associated with competition. You will need this information for your amateurism certification. Remember you must be able to provide this information for all competitions other than competition for your high school beginning with the age of 14.


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