Don’t forget Amateurism Certification

Many prospective collegiate student-athletes spend so much time making sure their academic certification is finalized that they forget an athletic scholarship can only be awarded if the prospect completed BOTH academic and amateurism certification.


When you initially register for the NCAA Eligibility Center you answered questions related to your amateur status. However, before you can receive final amateurism certification, you must log back into your Eligibility Center account and  request final amateurism in order to be certified to receive an athletic scholarship for fall semester.

To be eligible for competition at an NCAA Division I or II institution, you must a separate final amateurism certification request in every sport you wish to participate in for both divisions. To do this, prospective student athletics must log into their NCAA Eligibility Center account at and navigate to the “My Planner” page. Once there, select the “Request Final Amateurism” button to start the process.  If the button is not visible and your status states “Incomplete Web Entry,” you will need to complete an additional question in the My Sports section. Upon completing “My Sports,” your “Request Final Amateurism” button will appear.  Before requesting final amateurism certification, prospects need to check the following information:

  • All demographic information is accurate, specifically email address and date of enrollment because cases are processed based on the enrollment date listed.
  • Enter each sport for which you wish to receive amateurism certification.

NOTE: if you plan to participate in track and field, cross country, indoor and outdoor track are THREE separate sports and you must have your amateurism certified for EACH of these sports.

  • Check the education tab to make sure you have listed any previous colleges or universities attended.
  • Make sure you have completed all tasks, particularly academic tasks.

NCAA Customer Service

The NCAA customer service staff serves as the main resource and point of contact for general inquiries regarding amateurism certification reviews. The customer service staff has access to general case information that can be shared with member institutions who request a status update on a particular prospective student-athletes review. Member institutions may also request to speak with an amateurism staff member regarding any review that involves their IRL through the customer service staff. The customer service team will notify the amateurism staff of such requests. These requests will be honored by a returned telephone call or email from the amateurism staff to answer any questions about the review.

When a case involves a penalty determination or potential amateurism certification concerns, the amateurism staff will reach out to communicate directly with the involved member institutions.

Am I automatically ineligible if I violated the amateurism rules?

No. The NCAA Eligibility Center will review your sports-participation history. If there are violations of NCAA amateurism rules, the NCAA Eligibility Center may certify you with conditions, which must be fulfilled before you are eligible for competition. The conditions will be set based on which rule was violated and the severity of the violation. Such conditions may include repayment of money or sitting out of competition for a specified number of games, or both. In some cases, the NCAA Eligibility Center may determine that the violations are such that permanent ineligibility for competition is the appropriate penalty.

What if the NCAA determines me to be Professional and I disagree?

You may ask for reconsideration of the NCAA Eligibility Center decision. Please understand that after the amateurism staff has posted a decision, you will need to contact the university you plan to attend to have the school request that the certification decision be reconsidered based on the submission or discovery of new information that may affect the certification decision. That information must be newly discovered, non-repetitive, and it must be information that was not reasonably available to any party involved in the review at the time of the initial decision for reconsideration.

If an amended decision is rendered, the NCAA Eligibility Center shall notify the prospective student-athlete and school who submitted the information of the amended or revised certification decision in writing via email.



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