SAT changes again in 2016

The SAT is changing again in 2016 as it will eliminate the mandatory essay and return to the 1600-point scoring scale. The test will include three sections: evidence-based reasoning and writing, math and an optional essay. The reading passages will cover a range of disciplines including history, science, social studies and literature. The math section will concentrate on data analysis, problem solving, algebra, and some advanced math concepts.

The new SAT will last approximately three hours, with the optional essay lasting 50 minutes. While the current test is only offered in a paper format, the new test will be offered in paper, and for computer.

The main difference between the SAT and ACT has been the fact that the ACT does not punish students for guessing as the SAT has done by deducting a quarter-point for each wrong answer provided to multiple choice questions. Beginning in 2016, the SAT will no longer deduct points for incorrect answers.

College Board has

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promised to offer free test-prep tutorials on-line. It is hoped that this will enable more families to be able to offer support to their prospective collegiate student-athletes by eliminating the reliance on the pricy test-prep courses that many families just cannot afford. SAT will team with nonprofit Khan Academy in offering these free tutorials.

In another effort to help low-income families, the SAT will provide four college application fee waivers to those students meeting income eligibility requirements. Therefore, in addition to being able to provide four score reports to schools for free, students will also be able to apply to four colleges for free.

The President of the College Board is David Coleman, one of the key persons involved in developing the Common Core Standards that have been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. He has stated that his vision is for the SAT is to align the test with the common core standards.

Parents of prospective collegiate student-athletes need to remember that while there are approximately 800 colleges and universities that have eliminated a standardized test score in their admissions requirements, in order to be certified to receive a college athletic scholarship in NCAA Divisions I and II, and the NAIA, a standardized test score is required. So if a college athletic scholarship is the goal, either the SAT or ACT must be taken.

Additional information on the

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changes and sample test questions will be released April 16th. For more information on the upcoming SAT revisions visit and

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