Can I use an Official Visit to get to College to start classes?

Dear Eligibility Coach:

Our family car just broke down and we are supposed to take our daughter to school to start college this week. Our daughter never took an official visit to the college, so can we arrange an official visit now so that she can start college classes?

Dear Parent:

Unfortunately, at this point taking an official visit to the school will not fix your problem because the university is not allowed to pay the expenses for your daughter to come to the college to start school. If your daughter took an official visit now, she would be required to return home, and then go back to the university at your expense. Therefore, even with an official visit, you will have to make arrangements for your daughter to get to campus to start her college career.

If there is someone in the family, or a family friend who has been involved in your life and your daughter’s life prior to your daughter beginning the ninth grade, that person can pay for your daughter to get to college, as long as this type of arrangement is something that has been provided to your daughter in the past.




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