When does recruiting begin?

Dear Eligibility Coach:

My son, a high school sophomore, was recently invited to a college football camp. Now that he is being recruited is there anything in particular that I need to be aware of?

Dear Parent:

The first thing you need to understand is that receiving an invitation to a college football camp does not mean that college is recruiting your son. Many high school students are invited to college camps in many different sports because camp correspondence can be sent to any student at any time, unlike other types of recruiting correspondence.

In order to be considered a recruited student-athlete, an NCAA school must: (a) provide an official visit; (b) arrange an in-person, off-campus visit with the prospect or the prospect’s relatives; and/or (c) makes more than one telephone call to the prospect or the prospect’s family.

Telephone Calls

All telephone calls made to and received from a prospect, must be made and received by the collegiate head coach, or one of the assistant coaches who is listed as an official coach for that particular sport.

Boosters are prohibited from making telephone calls to prospects, or the prospect’s relatives at any time. Currently enrolled student-athletes cannot make or participate in telephone calls to prospects that are financed by the university or a booster.

Social Media

Communications between the coach and prospect must be private, meaning that the communications can be seen only by the recipient and the sender. This eliminates the use of public chat rooms, message boards and Facebook walls.

A college coach may not “friend” or “follow” a prospect.

Prohibited Recruiting Activities

The following is a list of prohibited offers and inducements during the recruitment process:

  • An employment arrangement for a prospect’s relatives;
  • Gifts of clothing of equipment;
  • Co-signing of loans; providing loans to a prospect’s relatives or friends;
  • Cash;
  • Any tangible items, including merchandise;
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type;
  • Free or reduced-cost housing;
  • Expenses for academic services, e.g., tutoring, standardized test preparation courses, to assist in the completion of initial-eligibility or transfer-eligibility requirements.

If any of the above-listed items are receive by your son or a member of your family during the recruitment

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process, your son’s eligibility to compete in college may be in jeopardy.

For more detailed information on the recruiting process, including charts on the recruiting budgets for NCAA Division I and II, and NAIA Division I and II schools, read The Athletic $cholarship Eligibility Coach: A How-To Guide for the Eligibility Certification Game. You may buy the book at http://www.eligibilitycoach.com/buythebook

You may also find two minute video clips on the eligibility certification process, including recruiting at the Eligibility Coach’s You Tube Channel.

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