SAT/ACT required for Eligibility Certification

Dear Eligibility Coach:

Hello I am an International student, and I go to a University in the United States. I tried out for the soccer team and I was selected by the coach to train with them, but the compliance officer told me that I am not eligible and I am a non-qualifier since I didn’t take the SAT/ACT test, and I am already full time enrolled. She said that taking the SAT/ACT test now will not make me a qualifier because I already full-time

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enrolled. But I really want to play for the team. What options do I have to be a

qualifier and play?

Dear Student-Athlete:

Unfortunately, you cannot become a qualifier at this point, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to compete for the university. You just won’t be able to compete this year.

Although there are over 800 colleges and universities that do not require a standardized test score to be admitted, the NCAA Eligibility Center requires a score in order to certify a student-athlete for athletic competition. The SAT/ACT is designed to test your knowledge prior to collegiate enrollment. Therefore, you cannot use a SAT/ACT score achieved once you have enrolled in college.

Once you sit a year in residence, you may be eligible to practice and compete with the team, if you meet continuing eligibility requirements, including the successful completion of 24 hours of credit if you are a freshman in college.

Please speak with your compliance officer to determine your exact continuing eligibility requirements based on your year of high school graduation and your current academic classification.

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