After the NLI

Congratulations to all the student-athletes who have signed or will sign National Letters of Intent [NLI]. Now you must make sure that you are both admitted to the university and certified by the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Centers in order for the university to be able to award that athletic scholarship to you. If you are not admitted, or if you are not certified by the Eligibility Center, the NLI you signed will become null and void.


Each prospective student-athlete must apply for and be admitted using the same process as other students at the university. The majority of universities require a SAT or ACT score to be submitted directly from College Board. Make sure to have the current high school transcript sent to the university now, and to have a final transcript submitted as soon after high school graduation

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as possible.

Each university has specific documents that are required to complete the admissions process. Make sure to meet all deadlines.

If the university defers the student’s enrollment to a subsequent term, the NLI will become null and void. However, it the student is the one who defers enrollment, the NLI remains binding.

NCAA Eligibility Certification

The NCAA Eligibility Center requires either a SAT or ACT score, submitted directly from College Board using the code 9999. Make sure that a transcript from each high school attended is submitted as well. These documents need to be sent immediately.

After graduation, submit an additional high school transcript that includes the actual date of graduation, day, month and year, to provide proof of graduation.

If the NCAA needs additional information in order to complete the student-athlete’s registration, it will send the student-athlete an email. Therefore, the student-athlete needs to check the email account used when registering for the Eligibility Center regularly, and respond timely to any requests.

Remember, the Eligibility Center will not complete the certification process for any student-athlete who has not either paid the registration fee, or had a fee waiver submitted directly from the high school guidance counselor.

NAIA Eligibility Certification

The NAIA Eligibility Center requires a SAT or ACT score submitted directly from College Board using the code 9876.

In addition to graduation, high school student-athletes must meet two of the three following requirements in order to be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship:

  • Achieve a minimum 18 on the ACT, or 860 on the SAT;
  • Achieve a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale;
  • Graduate in the top half of the high school class.

If a student’s class rank does not appear on the transcript, a signed letter from the principal or headmaster, written on the school’s letterhead and with the school’s official seal, stating the student’s final class rank position or percentage will be accepted.

Transfer Students

Transfer admission procedures are different from high school admission procedures. Make sure to contact the university’s admissions office directly to determine all the documents required for transfer admissions. Again, deadlines are very important to ensure a smooth transition to the new university.

If the student-athlete attended a two-year college directly after high school, NCAA amateurism certification will need to be completed before being eligible to compete at a four-year NCAA member institution.


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