Are you ready for the Athletic $cholarship Eligibility Game

EC-Logo-1bDo you know how to start this process? We are here to help. There is a lot of information to digest and mistakes can be costly, so why not start 2013 by attending our FREE Teleseminar, Tuesday, January 8, at 7 pm ET/ 6 pm CT? You may register here. Once you understand the A, B, C’s of Athletic $cholarship Eligibility Certification you will better understand what help your family needs on this Journey.

Still have questions? Free Eligibility Readiness Assessments are available all month. These 45-minute sessions will help you narrow your focus and decide where you need help.  Call 919-408-7431 to request a FREE Eligibility Readiness Assessment and we can decide if you will be better served by group coaching, specialized one-on-one coaching, or if you can read The Athletic $cholarship Eligibility Coach: A How-To Guide for the Eligibility Certification Game and direct your own course.

Wishing you $cholarships in 2013!

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