Make sure all completed courses are on the NCAA List of Approved Core Courses

Dear Eligibility Coach:

My daughter is a final nonqualifer but we noticed the NCAA is missing her Geometry credit in the math section. She needs three core courses and they only show Algebra E20-598 and Statistics, but no Geometry course and she has the Geometry course on her transcript. Is it common for the NCAA to make these kinds of mistakes?

Dear Parent:

The problem may be with the high school’s list of approved core courses. It is possible that geometry is not on the list and should be. Go to the NCAA Eligibility Center list of approved core courses see if Geometry is on it.

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If it’s not, call the Eligibility Center contact for the
251-502 high school and ask for geometry to be submitted to the NCAA. If it is on the list, call the Eligibility Center and ask for your daughter’s file to be re-evaluated with the addition of the geometry course.

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