How to get the Eligibility Center to update High School Grading Scale

Dear Eligibility Coach:

My daughter took honors courses in high school and had a weighted grade-point average listed on her high school transcript. By our calculations she is a qualifier for NCAA Division I. She signed an NLI to compete in track and field for next year and her coach is telling us that she is a non-qualifer and cannot get her scholarship. My daughter’s high school sent a copy of a letter to the NCAA stating that the county the high school is located in uses a honors grading scale, but they have not updated my daughter’s grade-point average. How can we get this corrected before the university starts classes?

Dear Parent:

Unfortunately the NCAA is not going to use the grading scale on a letter from the high school’s county office or any other office, it is only going to use the grading scales that the high school has submitted and received approval for from the NCAA Eligibility Center. Each high school has a contact person who communicates directly with the NCAA Eligibility Center. That person’s name and telephone number is listed on the Eligibility Center web site along with the high school’s list of approved courses and approved grading scales.

You will need to communicate with that contact person and see if the high school can submit and get an honors grading scale approved by the Eligibility Center. If that happens, the university’s compliance office will then need to call the Eligibility Center and get your daughter’s file re-evaluated based on the new grading scale. However, the university cannot get the Eligibility Center to add the honors grading scale; that can only be done by the high school.

If the high school in question is closed for summer break, I suggest that you call the district office or the superintendent of the county for assistance.

If the honors grading scale is not approved, your daughter will be a non-qualifier and the NLI she signed will become null and void. If your daughter decides to attend that university, your family will be responsible for all of her educational expenses for the first year of school. Additionally, she will not be able to practice or compete either.

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