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Dear Eligibility Coach:

My son is planning on making an official visit to a school for men’s basketball. I saw your post that it is now permissible for schools to pay for parents to accompany prospective student-athletes on those visits. However, the school my son is scheduled to visit says it will only pay for my ex-husband and I, but not for my current husband economical inflatable water park with wave slide. Why won’t they pay for my husband, he is my son’s step-father and my son lives with us?

Dear Parent:

NCAA rules allow universities to provide additional complimentary tickets to accommodate non-traditional families. However, in terms of travel expenses incurred for the purpose of an official visit, universities are only permitted to pay for two individuals who are the prospect’s parents or legal guardians. To pay for three people to come on the official visit with your son would cause the school of violate

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NCAA rules, and have to report a violation to the NCAA.

If you contact the school, you may ask for your current husband and yourself to be the two persons accompanying your son since he lives with the two of you. In that case, your ex-husband would be responsible for paying his own travel expenses.

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