May part-time students participate in college athletics?

Dear Eligibility Coach:

My son will be working his first year of college to help us with some debts we have at home. Will he be able to compete in his sport while enrolled part-time.

Dear Parent:

If your son will be attending a university that is a member of the NCAA,070-411 he will not be able to participate in athletics unless he is enrolled full-time. If he attends a junior college that is a member of the NJCAA, he must meet the following provisions:

  • He must attend the same institution at least one academic year as a part-time student BEFORE the year he wishes to participate in athletics,
    70-410 and pass at least 12 credit hours with a 1.75 GPA or higher.
  • During each term he participates in athletics, he must carry at least six [6] credit hours.
  • If he ever enrolls full-time, he must immediately forfeit all privileges under this part-time provision.



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