NCAA Eligibility Center Certification for Home Schooled Student-Athletes

The following steps must be completed by home schooled student-athletes in order to receive NCAA Eligibility Center initial eligibility certification

1. The home-school transcript must include:

  • Course titles;
  • Course grades;
  • Units of credit for each course;
  • Grading scale (if numeric grades are awarded); and
  • Signature of home school administrator (the parent or other person who organized, taught and evaluated course work).

2. A written statement from the home-school administrator must be provided that verifies the courses were taught in accordance with all state home school legislation. Documentation must be provided to support the statement.

3. A signed statement of who taught and evaluated the coursework, awarded grades, and issued credit must accompany the home-school transcript.

4. A list of all textbooks used throughout the home schooling process that includes: textbook titles, the publisher of each textbook, and a listing of which specific courses used which specific text books must also be included.

5. Proof of high school graduation that lists the month, date and year of high school graduation must be provided to the Eligibility Center.

If home school coursework was taken through an established nontraditional program (e.g., correspondence, internet, virtual school, etc.) that evaluated the coursework and issued transcripts, that program must provide a copy of its transcript with contact information so that the Eligibility Center can obtain further information, if necessary.

Additional Information Needed Regarding Text Books

Listing the textbooks on the transcript is the first step. However, a complete text book list must be included for the Eligibility Center to review. If a course has more than one textbook, an additional textbook list must be attached. Remember, all textbooks must be college preparatory. If the book used has a level, the level must be listed for that particular course. For Example: Level 1, Book A, Volume 2.

The NCAA Eligibility Center requires textbook and publisher information. It will not accept textbooks with author information only. If more than one book is used for a single course in any academic year, the home school transcript must include ALL titles and publishers used for that year.

There is no specific format that must be used as long as it includes the textbook title, publisher and the course in which the textbook is used. If a course description is provided, do not include textbook titles and publishers within the description. Rather, the textbook information should be provided at end of the course description, or on a separate list.

Pass/Fail Courses

If a home schooled student takes a

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course on a pass/fail basis, the NCAA Eligibility Center will award the letter grade of “D” for the course.

Dual/Enrollment Courses

If a home-schooled student takes a course in conjunction with a community college, or other non-traditional program, the course must appear on the home-school transcript with a grade and the high school equivalent credit that was awarded. The home-school administrator should award credits as follows: 1.0 credits for a full year course; 0.5 credits for a semester course; .25 credits for a quarter course.

Additional Transcripts

Many home schooled students also attend a public high school for athletic participation. If this case applies to your prospect, remember that an official transcript of each public school attended must also be provided to the Eligibility Center and must be sent directly from the public school.

Home-Schooled Student-Athletes in the State of New York

If a prospect is home schooled in the state of New York, the the NCAA Eligibility Center cannot accept “proof of graduation” from a diploma issued by the home-school because the state of New York does not recognize diplomas that are issued by home schools. Therefore, if a student–athlete is home schooled in New York, and does not graduate from a traditional high school, the student-athlete would have to provide a GED certificate in order to meet the Eligibility Center’s graduation requirements.

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