Eligibility for Athletic Scholarships at Junior Colleges

The National Junior College Athletic Association [NJCAA] consists of 525 member institutions and sponsors the sports of baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, football, golf, ice hockey, track and field, lacrosse, half marathon, softball, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling.

Similar to the NCAA, the NJCAA is divided into three divisions. In Division I, student-athletes may receive a maximum of tuition and fees, room and board, course-related books, and transportation costs one time per academic year to and from the college by the most direct route. Division II NJCAA student-athletes may receive a maximum of tuition, fees, and course-related books. Division II scholarships may not include room and/or board. As in NCAA Division III, NJCAA Division III schools do not provide athletic scholarships of any kind.

While Division I student-athletes may receive room costs in their athletic scholarship, no NJCAA student-athletes may have housing arrangements made for them by any member of the athletic staff. However, athletic staff may provide housing contact information to current and prospective student-athletes who in turn must make their own arrangements.

A student-athlete must be a graduate of a high school with an academic diploma or a General Education diploma to qualify for an athletic scholarship to a junior college. Due to the complexity of NJCAA eligibility requirements, prospective student-athletes are directed to contact the junior college of interest directly, or to contact the NJCAA for initial eligibility questions.

The NJCAA has its on Letter of Intent program, and prospective student-athletes may sign as early as the completion of their  junior year in high school.  Student-athletes are allowed to compete for two seasons in any sport if they have not participated on any intercollegiate level during the previous two season.

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