Financial Aid Opportunties beyond the Athletic Scholarship

Dear Eligibility Coach:

My son is looking at Ivy league schools. He is an athlete and we know that Ivy League schools don’t provide athletic scholarships. How could he find some scholarships that helps lessen our financial commitment as parents? We are middle class, but we are very tight financially as we have two other kids in college and other debts.

Dear Parent:

It’s good that you are starting early to look for financial assistance. While Ivy League schools do not offer athletic scholarships, they do offer need-based financial aid that you may qualify for with three children in college at the same time. Make sure you complete the Federal Application for Financial Aid [FAFSA] to learn if your family qualifies for any federal grants. You may apply on-line at

Other helpful websites include: College Board, Fast Web, and Student Aid on the Web.

Check with the financial aid offices of the individual

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universities of interest to make sure you meet all deadlines. Also, check with the guidance counselor at your son’s high school regarding local and regional scholarships opportunities.

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