Time Period Extended for Temporary Certification

Prospective student-athletes who have not been certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center have been able to report to campus for pre-season practice and participate for 14 days while awaiting final certification. Beginning, August 1, 2011 that time period will be extended to 21 days.

Positive Effect:

If a prospect is certain that he will be certified, this extension will allow him the opportunity to move into the dorms, get settled into campus life, and practice with teammates during the full pre-season practice period while waiting for the final paperwork to be processed and for the university to receive final certification from the NCAA.

Negative Effect:

For borderline prospects, who may not qualify, this extension means it is possible for them to report to pre-season practice, have classes start and then be declared a final non-qualifier. At that time, not only will the prospect have to cease practicing with the team, that prospect will have to pay all the costs of attending the university if he chooses to stay.

If classes have started and that student-athlete now chooses to leave the university, he will be considered a transfer student at

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his new school and will have to be certified based on transfer eligibility requirements rather than initial eligibility requirements.

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