Early Academic Eligibility Certification

Dear Eligibility Coach:

My daughter is a tennis player and an honor roll student. Her coach mentioned that she can be certified early.  How can we get that done?

Dear Parent:

The NCAA allows Early Academic Certification that certifies a student-athlete as a qualifier provided she meets the following academic criteria:

(a)  A minimum combined score on the SAT critical reading and math sections of 1000, or a minimum sum score on the ACT of 85; and

(b)  A core-course grade point average of 3.000 or higher [based on a maximum of 4.0] in a minimum of 13 core courses upon completion of six semesters [or the equivalent]. The 13 core courses shall include: three cores courses in English, two in mathematics, two  in natural or physical science, including at least one laboratory course if offered by the high school; and six additional core courses in any NCAA core area.

The record of the courses and course grades must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center using either an official high school transcript forwarded directly from the high school, or a high school transcript forwarded by an NCAA institution’s admissions office.

Beware of Senioritis

Even though your daughter will receive certification as a final qualifier, she is not done. She must still complete the additional three [3] core courses in her senior year in order to be certified to receive an athletics scholarship. A final transcript that shows proof of high school graduation will also be needed by the university she decides to attend. Good luck.


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