Calculating Grade Point Average for Certification Purposes

While the grade point average [GPA] listed on the high school transcript will be used by a university admissions office to evaluate a candidate for admissions purposes, in terms of NCAA Eligibility Certification, it is not used at all.

For Division I prospective student athletes, their grade point averages are calculated using only the 16 required NCAA core courses. Similarly, Division II prospects only use 14 required core courses for calculating GPA.

Many student-athletes make the mistake of thinking they can be certified to receive an athletics scholarship because they use all of their high school courses in the calculation. Grades received in non-academic courses, e.g., Music, Art, Keyboarding, Driver’s Education, Drama, and Physical Education can not be in calculating the GPA used to certify prospects.

Each high school has a list of NCAA approved courses that may be found at the NCAA Eligibility Center web site. Consult this list to ensure the correct courses are used to calculate the proper GPA.

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