College Admission is not the End for Student-Athletes

After being admitted to the university of your choice, you are not finished, there are still steps to take to ensure that you will be able to receive an athletics scholarship. (1) Remember to send a final transcript showing the date of high school graduation to both the university you will attend, and the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center. (2) Request final amateurism certification by the NCAA Eligibility Center. (3) Send official standardized test score reports to the NCAA Eligibility Center using the code 9999, or the NAIA Eligibility Center using the code 9876.

Contact the strength and conditioning coach at the university you will attend to get a summer workout for your sport. Contact the head coach and find out what date you need to report to begin the fall semester. Fall sports usually arrive earlier than the general student body and you don’t want to arrive late.

On the university side, make sure you notify

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the university of your choice of your intent to enroll and pay the tuition deposit. Remember to submit immunization records to the university student health services. Then, register for and make arrangements to attend Orientation.

NCAA regulations require EVERY student-athlete to provide proof of a sickle cell test before being allowed to participate in any practice activities. If the student-athlete waits until arriving on campus to get the sickle cell test it could take up to five days to get the test results. In the meantime, the student-athlete must sit out of practices. It would be best to have the test BEFORE arriving on campus in August so save time.

Last, but not least, write and deliver thank you letters to the persons who wrote letters of reference for you during the college application process. Then, don’t forget to thank your guidance

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counselor for his help as well.

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